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Re/Alignment takes place upon Cybertron, a primordial planet brought into existence by a mechanical god.

Its surface is barren, its lands undeveloped, and its native species has yet to be seen. From space, it would appear to be a world devoid of substance or intrigue.

That would, however, assume that one ignores the vast and beautiful astrological anomaly known as the Lambda, stable in geosynchronous orbit above what must be a settlement below.

This settlement is the Haven.

You awaken there, torn from your home. You find yourself a part of this community, housed in one of seven enormous temples, bound inextricably to that temple's patron demi-god. The Lambda waits above, a dimensional tear through which Chaos itself is trying to enter, the very tear which you arrived through.

You were meant to be an agent of Chaos.

You are saved, however, by the mark worn on your shoulder. It binds you to a Firstforged, one of the robotic children of the creation god Primus. It keeps you safe (supposedly) from the tendrils of darkness that call to you from the distant Badlands.

It is your Alignment.

You are not alone. Other people, other Refugees are trapped here, also, trying to eke out a new life or build a new home as they see fit. Some will seek to carry on the missions they held in their previous universes, others will try to start over from scratch. All bear the same mark you do: A glyph on the shoulder, tying you to one (or more) of the First-Forged in whose temples you reside.

Around you, the Haven is a circle of protection, ringed by temples and providing a refuge from the monsters that wander the wastelands outside of it. Debris falls daily from the Lambda above, landing gently (and sometimes not-so-gently) in a vast pile in the center of the Haven, providing provisions and sustenance for whoever gets to it first.

Stay inside the Haven, and you will be safe.

Stray outside of it, and find that the minions of the Chaos-God, of Unicron, are always watching, waiting for a moment to claim you for their own. Be wary of changes to your Glyph, for though the Firstforged will seek to strengthen their alignment with you to aid them in their tasks, they each have their own agendas to pursue.

Seek to return to your world if you can or if you want to, but know that the only way back is through the Lambda--through the domain of the Chaos-God himself. To make it, you will need the strength and power that the Firstforged bestow upon their aligned...but the more strength you gather, the more you will be tied to them in turn.

There is a thin line between being called a Refugee and being called a Monster.

It all depends on you.