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Is this a journal based or a community based roleplaying game?
Re-Aligned is a community based RPG, ensuring that each player who joins only has to subscribe to three main communities instead of having to subscribe to every other player.

What are the available Re-Aligned communities?
There are three main communities that are required for every character to join, and two optional communities. [community profile] re_alignment is the general community, where characters can communicate over the network or meet in person through 'actionspam.' [community profile] re_alignment_logs is for prose logs, or situations requiring more intense action sequences. [community profile] re_alignment_ooc is the Out of Character community, for players and mods to make introductions, discuss plots, call hiatuses, or report upcoming game events.

What is actionspam/Is actionspam allowed?
Actionspam is action that occurs in a post on the main community. Most often, it happens when a character makes a post over the Link network that leads to meeting up with someone as it threads, or happens when another character is physically nearby the one making the communication. Here is an incredibly simplified example:

Character A: Let's meet in the park!

Character B: I'm on my way. [She begins driving toward the park.]

Character A: There you are. [He looks up and sees Character B approaching.]

We both allow and encourage actionspam!

What is activity check? How often does it occur?
Activity check occurs every two months to encourage players to be active, prevent character squatting, and to expunge unused accounts. During an activity check every character will be required to present two examples of 'activity,' which generally can include making Link network posts, making prose logs, or making numerous responses to other character's posts or logs.

What is God-moding/Is it allowed?
God-moding is any log/post/action/communication of yours in which you dictate what another character is doing. Example time!

Mathew threw a punch, straight toward O'brien's mouth. It connected solidly, dislodging his jawbone, making a crack as loud as thunder.

Unless Mathew's player has permission from O'brien's player to get in a hit, this is God-moding, and it is not allowed. You don't need to note that it was allowed - we assume that some talking will be going on behind the scenes at times - but if someone tries to pull this on you without your okay, bring it up to them in private before coming to the mods.

What is Re-Aligned Rated?
This game is rated R. As Re-Aligned is, at its heart, about a war between 'good' and 'evil, there will be battles and there will be graphic violence. There will probably be swearing. Any significantly rated scenes or excessive language should always be under a cut, however. As a general rule, if you wouldn't show it to your grandmother, keep it under a cut.

Does the 'R' rating include adult or explicit material?
It shouldn't. (We have a community for that. *cough*) Though your characters are free to pursue relationships, any sexual content should be left for private roleplay or faded to black.

What constitutes "excessive" violence? When should I use a cut and warn for violent content?
» Acceptable in the main communities, no warnings necessary: non-graphic violence, such as hitting, minor cuts and scrapes, mentions of character death, and occasional swearing.
» Acceptable in the main communities, provided it is clearly labeled and warned for: graphic violence, such as onscreen character death, dismemberment, spilling of large amounts of vital internal fluids/blood, torture, and excessive/extreme language.
» Not acceptable in Re/Alignment (ie. scenes that should be taken elsewhere, such as a personal musebox, meme, or the Re/Alignment adult musebox): violence for the purpose of sexual gratification.

What constitutes "adult" and "explicit" material? When should I use a cut and warn for adult content?
» Acceptable in the main communities, no warnings necessary: kissing, hugging, non-graphic displays of affection, references to a character being in a sexual relationship or that they are having/will be having sex.
» Acceptable in the main communities, provided it is warned for: detailed discussions of the particulars of a character’s sex life, ie. who/when/where.
» Not acceptable in Re/Alignment (ie. scenes that should be taken elsewhere, such as a personal musebox, meme, or the Re/Alignment adult musebox): mutual fondling, foreplay, sex scenes, explicit references to characters’ genitals (or equivalent) and how they fit together.

Please refrain from specific discussion of methods of sexual interaction among aliens (Transformers included), or take them to the adult community/musebox. This is to be treated in the same way as all other headcanon, and should be avoided.

So what are your thoughts on drama?

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Can I copy paste from another application?
So long as the application is yours, then yes, you may resuse sections. Please look them over to ensure that they answer Re/Alignment's questions properly. The only section in which using material which is not your own is acceptable is the HISTORY section, and if you do you must offer a link to a website such as a series wiki. This is to cement the fact that it is not your own writing, but don't be worried about trying to impress us or disappoint us - so long as you're clear as to what is and isn't yours, you'll be fine!

However, if the mods discover that you are attempting to pass of another's work as your own, it is grounds for immediate removal from the game. Plagiarism is not tolerated.

What kind of character can I play? Does it have to be a Transformer? Do they have to be still alive?
Absolutely not, to either of those! Re/Alignment allows characters of all kinds - from humans to robots to sentient animals to talking virii and white blood cells. The only real limit in what you can play is what you want to...keeping in mind power balance and canon limits. (See the following questions.)

In terms of whether or not your character has to be from before a time when they 'died' in canon - you're more than welcome to bring them from the point of death. If they survive after death somehow (ghost, spirit, magical artifact, etc), they may also be brought in, but they will have a living body. In most cases it will be a reproduction of what they wore before, but in some cases it may actually be Cybertronian in form! Talk to the mods for details.

Do I have to nerf my character? Do I have to resize them?
In general, no.

We'll start with resizing. The playing field is already large enough (Transformers ranging in size anywhere from 5ft or smaller, to 60ft and larger - the Original Thirteen have an average height of ~50ft) that you won't necessarily need to scale down. And the game is aimed that even the 'normal' sized folks won't be too out of their depth. Take a look at 'what does my character arrive with', below.

If your character is an obscenely powerful character - we're talking along the lines of reality shapers, world destroyers - then you may be asked to tone down their powers. The Firstforged are meant to be the gods of this game, and with purview such as Light, Entropy, Timespace, and other such primal concepts...there's little reason why another should top them. You are more than welcome to discuss potential limits with a mod.

Can I app an Original Character? Can I app an Alternate Universe version of another character?
Re/Alignment allows a total of 4 types of characters; Canon/Canon AU, CR AU, Original AU, and Obscure Canon Character. Original Characters - AKA OCs - are not allowed. Sorry!

As for what the others mean...

Canon and Canon AUs are characters originating from a movie/book/game that you will be playing just as they are in their canon. So long as a version exists of a character, you may play them...even if more than one version exists! For example, Re/Alignment allows for Earth-616 Magneto, Earth-311 Magneto, and Earth-58163 Magneto to all be played at the same time - with room for more. With the same idea, TFA Optimus Prime, TFP Optimus Prime, G1 Optimus Prime, and SG Optimus Prime may also all be played at once. All versions of these are recognized as canon, since there are official stories portraying them all individually. You may only play one of these versions yourself, however.

CR AU characters are characters that have been previously played in another game (such as another Dreamwidth RP, a Livejournal RP, or a forum) and are continuing their stories here. If they received any special items or went through any major changes in their previous game, be sure to note them in your application. Also note that there may only be one (1) CR AU in play of a given character at any given time. CRAUs must not be significantly different from the canon version of the character; ie, they must meet the following criteria: 1 – the CRAU is still in the same body as the character had in canon; and 2 - Personality and sample sections of the CRAU are still recognizable as the canon character.

Please note that we only accept ONE of either a Canon or CRAU of a given character at this time.

Original AUs are based off the idea of taking a canon character, and changing their world in some way or form that is not officially recognized as canon. An example of this would be Magneto as a 'she', with other nuances to differentiate the now-her from other official worlds; in turn, a world where Optimus Prime is actually the leader of the Decepticons is also considered an Original AU. Please note that there may only be one (1) Original AU in play of a given character at any given time (this does not stack with a CR AU). Our biggest concern here is that the character is still recognized as the character, so keep it in mind! Original AUs are judged on a case by case basis, but here are some additional guidelines to help you get an idea of what we're looking for in an OAU app:

        »When reading your app, one should be able to easily ascertain which canon universe you are AUing. It is acceptable to borrow elements from other canon universes (such as G1 history in an IDW comics AU), but not to such a degree that it becomes difficult to identify the “base” canon being AUed.

        »Try to limit deviances from the canon universe to one major event or difference. Other minor changes or events altered as a consequence of the major change are fine. For example, a mirrorverse AU wherein the Decepticons are led by the heroic Megatron and the Autobots led by the villainous Optimus Prime would be a significant change. Making this a mirrorverse where transformers are also a race of magical girls would likely be too extreme. Remember: the more changes you make to the universe, the more it changes the characters within it, and the less recognizable they become.

        »When constructing their personality, show us which characteristics of the canon character they still possess, and highlight any differences. More importantly, show us why the character would have changed this way in the AU setting. When relevant, reference events from their history to support your points.

Obscure Canon Characters are characters who don't really have enough canon to really stand on their own but who still exist within a show/movie/game/etc (such as an antagonist who appears for one episode in an Anime and then vanishes). They are almost the opposites of OAUs; instead of taking a canon-filled character and reshaping them, you are taking a background character and giving them canon based on what's already been presented. If this is the type of character you are apping, you may use any amount of headcanon, any amount of originality, so long as you do not go against what has already been presented. Your background character seen being crushed under another's foot may not suddenly be able to defeat them, and must also have minimal ties to canon characters aside from what has been already implied/shown in canon. Because there are an unlimited number of background characters, there is no limit on the number of OCCs in the game at any given time. We'd like to avoid any Special Snowflake Secret Love Of _______, though, so please keep things reasonable!

OAUs and OCCs will be graded more harshly than other applications, due to the potential for abuse. You must also currently be playing a canon character who has been in the game for one month or longer before applying for one.

Mods reserve final say in what constitutes a Canon AU vs an Original AU. Rule of thumb, if it's been published, it's canon in some way, shape, or form. Please also keep in mind that you may not play two of the same character, no matter what versions they are!

Can I app a character with a variable personal history? (e.g. Mass Effect's Commander Shepard, KOTOR's Revan) What category should they be apped under?
Yes! You may app avatar characters or malleable protagonists – characters who have some set traits/history but leave the rest up to the player's decision, such as many RPG characters – at Re/Alignment.

» If there is a canon version of the character (Such as KOTOR's Revan), that version may simply be apped as the canon character. Any version of the character that deviates from the canon characterization should be apped as a canon AU.

» If there is no set canon version of the character (Such as Mass Effect's Commander Shepard), the character should always be apped as a canon AU. In this case, an exception is made and we allow two canon AUs of the character to make up for the slot “lost” due to the lack of a true canon version of them. Note that the canon AUs must be significantly different; e.g. different gender, origin/backstory choices, or paragon/renegade alignment in the case of the Mass Effect series.

How many characters can I have here? How many can I app at a time?
You may have a total of six characters, and may app up to two (2) per app cycle. OCCs, OAUs, and CRAUs are a little special in terms of limits, though; you may have up to two of these total, but not two OAUs.

Please also note that you may not play any characters that interact with each other in their canon, or that would interact significantly in the game. IE--you cannot play both Batman and Robin, nor could you play two Batmans, and it would probably be best to also not play a Batman from one universe and a Robin from another. Since it may be more difficult to avoid interactions in Re/Aligned due to the nature of alignments, please don't hesitate to ask a moderator if you're uncertain about two characters you want to app.

How many characters can I play from a single canon source?

You may play up to two characters from any one canon. Note that you may not app any two characters that interact within their canon or would interact significantly with each other in the game.

These rules apply regardless of the character type, ie: Canon, CRAU, and OCC characters all count towards the character-per-canon limits. Depending upon the nature of the AU, OAUs may also count towards the limits – please contact a mod if you need more information.

How many characters can I reserve?
You may reserve one (1) character at a time.

Someone reserved a character I want to play! Can I challenge them?
App challenges may only happen for unreserved characters, when two players submit the same app at the same time. If a character has been put on reserve, however, they have first billing until they are denied or until their time runs out.

What does my character arrive with?
Whatever you'd like, within reason. We are allowing characters to come in with special items - by which we mean items that are far from mundane. Whether it be a magical artifact, a mobile armor, or anything else - if it's intrinsic to your character you're welcome to bring it along. Please note that these items should *not* make your character more powerful than one of the Firstforged.

If the item requires energy of any sort - while the Firstforged may be able to help you set something up (assuming you gain one of their respect) or you may be able to do so on your own, most Earthen fuels do not exist on this Cybertron. The one power source that is the most abundant is Energon, though its natural form is too powerful and unstable to be used as a gasoline equivalent.

Items that would grant space travel will find themselves limited in scope, unable to reliably bring anyone off-planet. Whether by damage or a matter of them unable to properly modify the fabric of this reality, they simply cannot break atmosphere without somehow failing.

And please, be reasonable. While Captain Kirk and the Enterprise may go together like bread and butter, the latter is a bit too large in scope to be brought in to the game. If you're bringing in something larger than a Mobile Suit Gundam, give it some deep thought or save it for an item drop request.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the mods. Mods reserve the final say in the matter of any special item, and may request you either tone down said item or leave it out entirely.

Can I include headcanon?
To a degree. The nature of RP implies you taking a character out of their canon and playing with what they'd do in a different that, in itself, is headcanon. However, try to keep things reasonable! We're far more interested in how your character develops in-game than in all of their exploits off-curtain. If the mods feel as though you're adding too much that changes the nature of a character from how they've otherwise been portrayed, we will ask you to fix things.

OCCs and OAUs- due to their nature - will have a lot more headcanon than other characters. However, the stricter application process (in play for one month, etc) is meant to display that you're responsible with what headcanon you use - in general, so long as you don't go against what you've put in the application for these guys (or try to sneak something in that would change them), you'll be fine.

What are your thoughts on spoilers?
We are generally lax about spoilers, as we know that it can be exciting to play a character from a new canon. However, to give the rest of our cast time to see the material themselves, no character can be apped with a pull point that came out less than ONE MONTH from the time of apping. You must also wait a month after release for any canon updating.

After that, we do request you try to minimize spoilers on anything new, but if it comes up in character there aren't any penalties.

Any other things to note before apping?
For the purposes of this game, we will be considering War For Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron/Exiles/Exodus to be one canon, and Transformers: Prime to be another. If you are applying for a character from either of these media, make sure to only include canon from one or the other.

If you're not, then don't worry about it!

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Which Firstforged can I align with?
Alignment is pivotal in Re-Aligned, as you might have guessed by the name. Choosing to help one of the Firstforged can grant your character anything from special abilities to useful artifacts or appliances, often tailored to assist them with their own, individual goals. The Firstforged can also give out special missions, which might effectively 'unlock' events for your character, or for the entire game at large.

Of course, in exchange for your alliance they are expecting you to help them out in return, either in fulfilling their quests or in giving something of yourself.

As the secret of the Lambda tear is revealed, not all gods will find themselves on the same chose your alignment carefully.

Below, there are a list of all Firstforged that you might find in Re-Aligned. Only those marked with a star are major, ally-able NPCs, though any of these mechs might show their faceplates at any time. As the game progresses, it might even become possible to align yourself with Firstforged that previously showed no interest in you.
Greater details can be found here.

*PRIMA: The leader, wielder of the Star Sabre, and warrior of light. Consults with Primus. Can be distant and out of touch with the concerns of those coming through the Lambda, but tries to be fair.
KEYWORDS; Light. Leader. Control. Determination.
*MEGATRONUS PRIME: Like Prima in stature, often his equal in battle. Enjoys engaging in activities to improve his prowess. Can be a show-off. Likes fire.
KEYWORDS; Power. Perseverance. Ambition. Dominance.
*LIEGE MAXIMO: Most often found toying with matter, concepts, and especially people, but rarely discloses his results to those he thinks unworthy. Will try anything once.
KEYWORDS; Manipulation. Exploration. Science. Discovery.
*ALPHA TRION: Observes, deduces, and records. His advice is frequently sought out by others. A recluse and somewhat prophetic, he guards the quill.
KEYWORDS; Knowledge. Scholar. Study. Vision.
*NEXUS PRIME: The largest of the 13, and possibly the most durable as well. Curious and a hard-worker, somewhat of a mad scientist. Very personable.
KEYWORDS; Adaptability. Change. Synergy. Engineer.
*SOLUS PRIME: No-nonsense, physically strong, and dedicated to constructing powerful inventions and artifacts to improve the world. Can build almost anything.
KEYWORDS; Creation. Design. Maintenance. Inspiration.
*VECTOR PRIME: Noble, proud, and idealistic, a knight who guards the fabric of time. Although preferring to lead by example, he will nevertheless help those in need.
KEYWORDS; Knight. Time. Honor. Pride.
ALCHEMIST PRIME: A Scientist. No further data available.
AMALGAMOUS PRIME: A Trickster. No further data available.
???: The smallest of the 13. Travels via a powerful ball of light. No further data available.
???: A Beast. No further data available.

What can I do on the world?
Just about anything!

If you've just arrived, you'll want to see about getting a room somewhere--either in your Firstforged's temple, in another temple, or in one of the character-built locations around the Haven. Given the alien-ness of the world it might also be a good idea to make sure there's something your species can eat. Food and supplies fall through the Lambda tear more often than people do, though what is found won't always be useful and shortages may be a problem.

After you've been on Cybertron long enough to learn the ropes, there's more to do. Gather materials from junk that fell through the tear, enlist help, and build your own residence if you want. Build a library or a skating rink. Build anything you feel like, since every building put up is one step closer to preparing Cybertron for Primus. Plant a garden for some extra food, or mine for energon. The Firstforged may enlist you for particular projects, or you can suggest particular structures to them. If they like your idea, you might get some extra materials or help~

If building isn't your thing, there's plenty around to explore. Someone needs to collect the supplies that fall through the Lambda tear, after all! Cybertron is in many ways an un-mapped planet, since none of the Firstforged have yet had the time to look over it all. Who knows what you might find waiting on the landscape? The Firstforged are always on the look-out for interesting materials or data about the layout of the planet, so exploring is a good way to make a living. Just be careful--the further out you go, the less reception your Link device gets, and not everywhere on Cybertron is happy and safe. In fact, stay away from a place called 'The Badlands.' The Firstforged don't even like to talk about it much.

If there's something you're particularly good at, there's probably a niche for you. Someone out there has to fix those cars and gundams when they break, and severed arms aren't going to repair themselves. If your talent is something particularly unique (like being a skilled surgeon, or a wizard) the Firstforged might take an interest in learning that craft from you, or using it to help format Cybertron. Navigators can help explore the surrounding cosmos (with special permission), and scientists might have jobs studying the Lambda tear. Everyone is needed.

There will, of course, be occasional other things to do in-game. Not everything that falls out of the Lambda is nice, and sometimes the Firstforged need help defeating the big, scary monsters it expels. There will be plenty of events for characters to react to on this new, budding world, and there are plenty of NPCs to talk to or do fetch-quests for in the meantime.


-Build within reason. It'll still take a few weeks to really get any buildings up or in any kind of serviceable condition, and supplies are far from plentiful.
-Most of Cybertron can't be explored yet. You can get near the badlands, for instance, but at this point going close to them will cause your character to die. They won't remember why, but they'll wake up back in their Aligned temple feeling traumatized and horrified and with an irrational fear of long squiggly things. Like worms. Or spaghetti.
-Space. Without special help from one of the Firstforged, nothing seems to be able to break the atmosphere. Not even space-ships, sorry. Maybe it's the fuel?

How do I communicate?
The short answer is, you communicate with others that aren't in the room via The Link.

The Link is installed directly into your circuitry if you're robotic, and is accessible along with the rest of your hardware through your character's HUD visual screen.
If you're not robotic (or if the tech is incompatible with you) then you're given a device not unlike an ipad.
Either way, this equipment allows you to make posts onto the Link's network, record journals, store maps, send drawings to your friends, etc. There is a limited feature for private posts, but it is not completely secure (which means accidental posts may happen, and not-well-encrypted posts may be hacked--at your discretion, of course.)

For characters whose native language is not Cybertronian, these devices also serve as universal translators which allow your character to 'hear' things in a way that would make sense to them. As long as you've got your Link Device with you, then the language barrier is virtually non-existent.

However, beware, as the devices lose their functionality the further away from civilization they get. If you're out in the wilderness, communicating with someone who speaks another language might suddenly become a problem.

Keep this in mind if you suddenly need help.

How do I get around?
Initially, your character gets around by walking.

If your character 'arrived' with any transportation vehicle (such as a car, ship, or mobile suit) they will find it outside of the temple, lying around haphazardly but otherwise in the same condition as they last saw it. If your character is a genius or very good with a wrench, they may be able to find materials enough in the Junk Pile to rig up transportation of their own. If neither of these apply to you--don't fret. There will be chances to pick up vehicles (or make friends with folks that turn into vehicles) through game events.

However, there are some limits.
1. To begin with, if your vehicle runs on an equivalent to fossil fuels, once those have been used up they have been used up. There are no fossil fuels on Cybertron, because there are no fossils. If your vehicle runs on a battery or electricity, this can also be a problem (albeit less of one.) The default source of energy on Cybertron is called 'energon,' and most vehicles will require a major overhaul of their fueling/charging systems to process it. Characters handy with mechanics should be able to manage this, and everyone else will have the opportunity to get their vehicles upgraded at various points in the game, or through their patron Firstforged.
2. If your vehicle is an ocean-bound vessel, there are not many oceans around. You might be somewhat out of luck.
3. If your vehicle is a space-faring vehicle, it will not be able to reach orbit without special upgrades. Space is, at the beginning of the game, not a very safe place, and the Firstforged do not want anyone journeying there without permission. You can still use your vessel to explore around on-planet, however, except for any places that are off-limits in the section above.

Where do I live?
Upon arrival, every character is assigned a 'small' room in the temple of their patron Firstforged. If you're a 50ft tall mech, this space will be cramped but adequate, containing a recharge slab and a closet with shelves. If you're a 6ft tall organic...welcome to your new interior castle. It comes with a hard metal bed you can't possibly see up onto and a multiple-story closet. Either way it's yours, and only your voice can open the door to it.

However, your character is not required to remain there. With an entire planet to explore outside there is plenty of property to claim, and you can begin building yourself your own, correctly-sized home if you wish, or sleep out under the stars.

Live wherever you like. Journey to another temple and live there, if it suits your fancy. Bury under the ground. There is no sun, and there isn't much weather, so as long as you're close to civilization there's not much to limit you.

How do I eat?
If you're Cybertronian and can ingest energon, don't worry. You're set. There's plenty of that to go around.

If you're a sentient machine that requires fuel or electricity, see the limits in 'How does my character get around' up above. You'll probably be alright.

If you're something else? Food is tricky, but not impossible. There is produce that has come through the Lambda tear, some of it fresh and some of it safely preserved. You might be living on cans of apricots for a while, but you won't starve. There are also seeds from any number of planets which one of the Firstforged might be able to help you grow, if someone can solve the 'lack of a sun' problem. Surviving may be the hardest in the beginning, but it will also be the most rewarding.

How do I breathe?
The atmosphere on Cybertron is clean, unpoluted, and comparable with the atmosphere on Earth. If your character is incapable of breathing an Oxygen/Nitrogen combo, then they will be given a special injection upon awakening which should allow them to process the air just fine.

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How does my Polarity/Alignment affect my character?
At first, it won't do much. But as you grow stronger in one, you may find your character becoming a bit more powerful, perhaps even regaining a degree of what has been lost (if anything has been). Otherwise...a character Aligned to Solus Prime may find themselves discovering a knack for creation. One strongly Aligned to Prima may find themselves far more comfortable in a position of leadership than they were before. One who has fully become Aligned to Alpha Trion could very well notice things in the world around them, things that once held no meaning but now speak of their own accord.
In general, the mods will tell you if you've reached a threshhold where you've gained something meaningful. Otherwise, keep any changes subtle.

How do canon updates work?
The Lambda has affected everything that has come through it. Sometimes, it has another effect upon things even after they've been away from it for some time. A character experiencing a canon update will find themselves slipping unconscious, their very form in a state of flux. The Acolyte of their patron Firstforged will be drawn to them, returning them back to the temple from which they first arrived (or their new temple, if their primary alignment has changed), whereupon they will reawaken after a period of time (usually 3-5 days) with strange new knowledge.
Our canon update form can be found on our plotting page here.

What happens if my character dies?
One of the Firstforged (though it is not publicly known which) has found a workaround death for the refugees. Those who die will find themselves close to where they started a few days later - upon an altar, an Acolyte near you, but now with a weakness, and a subtle sense of being less.
The weakness will fade within a week or so. The other feeling...may never go away, and will amplify upon subsequent deaths. What are you losing? Who knows...

Our character death form can be found on our plotting page here.

What other changes might I undergo?
As Re-Aligned is about building a world, along the way your character might find it necessary to 'build' something new about themselves, as well. Or, depending on who they associate with, they might find themselves the victim of some unplanned upgrades.

The only limit here, really, is you as a player. If there's a situation that comes up that lets your human grow wings and you want to do it, go right ahead. As long as the changes are feasible and don't interfere with any of the power dynamics in the game (see 'Do I have to nerf my character?' above) then it is probably okay. Some upgrades might even be necessary, as the game progresses.

Can I get out of here? Can I go home?
Unfortunately not. The Lambda repels almost everything that comes near it. As for searching it out in other ways...well, that's up to you, but since space travel isn't quite feasible right now your options are limited.

What happens to characters if I drop?
A good question. Though the Firstforged may only allude to it, there have been some Lambda refugees here before who have simply...disappeared. Wandered off. It's part of the reason they warn against traveling to the Badlands - sometimes, it calls to those of the Lambda. Sometimes, its call is heeded.

And those who heed its call are rarely heard from again. A dropped character will have found themselves inexplicably drawn to this suffer an unknown fate.

How do you handle fourth-wall breaking?
Keep it as minimal as possible. If your charater would ICly know another's canon, ask permission before you break the wall!

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