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     Consciousness is slow, and a struggle to obtain. The moments before darkness are hazy enough; a great vertigo, a twisting, and then, falling. Falling for what seemed like forever. When you are finally aware of your surroundings, it is most decidedly not where you came from.

     A great hall. Intricate architecture, with runes so ancient and so old they are difficult to identify as language at all. Decoration befitting a palace, a place of worship, a station greater than most could ever dream of. You are on what could very well be an altar, and you are being attended to by a hooded figure who only introduces themselves as an 'Acolyte'.

     The Acolyte is polite but only so warm; they apologize for the turn of events (without assuming responsibility), and inform you that you have fallen through a rift in reality and landed upon their homeworld. This is Cybertron. They beg you find what comfort you can in the receiving area that has been created; should you wish to explore, they beg you take care, for the rift caused by the Lambda has caused Cybertron to develop beyond any of Their expectations.

     Who are 'They'?...

     ...the Firstforged, of course. Pay care to them as well, for some of them do not wish to be disturbed from their Work while others may find you a welcome help should you care to give it. They only come around once every two months, but when they do they will be very interested to hear what you've been up to.

The Acolyte will not give more information than this, and will turn to leave you at this point no matter what you say or do. From then have run of an entire planet.

Make of it what you will.

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Re/Alignment takes place on Cybertron, the homeworld of giant, shape-changing robots that you might know as 'Transformers.'

However, the Cybertron in this game is very different than most. It's at the very beginning of its lore, during a time that most Transformers only know vaguely about if at all. The creation god, Primus, has come and gone for an indeterminate amount of time, leaving only his children--the Firstforged--to finish readying the world for his inevitable return (and for its eventual inhabitants). This leaves the world in an interesting state, somewhere between confusingly ancient and remarkably new. This mystery is one of several for players to discover.

The work of the Firstforged is additionally being confounded by Prima's antithesis: the Chaos-God Unicron. He's been trying to enter this universe for who-can-say-how-long via an interdimentional portal called the Lambda. By causing this rift, he has opened up a gateway for all manner of objects to fall through, sometimes accidentally...and sometimes purposefully.

This is where you come in.

You are one of these 'objects,' a dimensional Refugee caught up in the struggle between two great powers. You have arrived here on Cybertron, been given a short explanation by one of the Firstforged's Acolytes, and then set on your own to act as you see fit. Do you intend to try and find a way back home? To leave Cybertron and explore the space around you? To assist the Firstforged in developing Cybertron and add your own influences to the infant planet?

It is completely and utterly up to you.

As Cybertron presents an entire planet to discover and as space-flight becomes an option (we welcome small ships and gundams), there is plenty of room for dangers and unusual situations to pop up. With Unicron constantly seeking any advantage he can get on Cybertron, characters will have plenty to scare them, threaten them, and tempt them.

Re/Alignment is also designed as a game where characters are able to grow and develop even more than usual; should their actions run parallel with the wishes of the Firstforged they may find themselves being granted boons or favors, or even powers courtesy of who they are aligned with. The First-forged may also send occasional missions or requests to those who catch their attention, allowing for small mini-event scenarios in-between larger plots. As gameplay is highly player-influenced, shifts/increases/decreases in alignment will help the mods direct the flow and tone of the game as it pans out.

To sum up, this is a slow-to-medium-paced game that has a serious metaplot but doesn't lack in opportunities for shenanigans.

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Robotic drones belonging to the Firstforged, often shrouded in robes that match the favored color of their masters. They can ape sentience, but are not sentient themselves...leading to many a failed conversation attempt. Although they vary in height, they are smaller than the Firstforged, leaving them around the size of average transformers(15-30ft).

**Acolytes are incredibly simplistic beings, created and programmed by the Firstforged. As such, they do not have the 'spark' of life that true Cybertronians are given (although they do possess a power core that is similar to a spark.) Nearly all Acolytes are under constant orders from their patron demi-god, meaning very few of them will respond or acknowledge any attempts to get their attention as they go about their business. If their robes are removed, the bodies underneath are barely a frame...precisely enough to do what is required of them and nothing more. They are efficient, and efficiency in work is what defines them.

***The Acolytes of each Firstforged have slightly different attributes. Megatronus Prime's, for instance, are programmed with some fighting capability, and many have enhanced armor. Alpha Trion's drones are masters of organization, and are capable of citing any reference guide and defining almost any word in any language. Liege's drones are masters of stealth, able to appear around almost any corner and make detailed observations WHILE remaining dedicated to their tasks. The drones which Prima uses are capable of multi-tasking and adapting to many different roles, and are the only drones which seem like they might be able to transform if it was required. Solus Prime's drones are the most elaborately constructed, resembling a robotic swiss army knife that’s capable of making simple repairs on almost any object or structure. Nexus's drones, of all drones, are the most personable, and will be the most likely to assist a Refugee in trouble. They can seem almost alive at times (which is particularly confusing when remembering that Nexus can, and has, broken himself down into parts roughly Acolyte-sized.) Vector Prime's drones seem to be able to utilize his teleportation abilities, and also have incredible spatial knowledge--giving them the ability to calculate quickly when needed.

A ceremony wherein a Refugee becomes an Initiate.

This ceremony is intensely private--occurring only between a Firstforged and their chosen Initiate. Each can be vastly different from one Firstforged to the next, and can even differ from one Initiate to the next, leading to a unique experience for your character. The Firstforged do not like to speak about their Binding ceremonies and will additionally encourage their Initiates not to speak about them either. Given what occurs in each ceremony, this is largely a matter of security--meant to protect the secrets of the artifacts the demi-gods use from the agents of Unicron.

A siren’s song, luring a Refugee towards the badlands.

Those who have experienced the calling describe it as something between static and ecstasy, a noise which is impossible to tune out. When under the influence of the calling, a Refugee may not be aware that they are moving towards the Badlands at all or, if shaken out of the Calling, may not remember their time within its grasp. Those who have died and been resurrected are said to hear it the strongest and most frequently.

The name of the planet that Re-Aligned takes place on. More information can be found by visiting its entry on the 'World' page here!

Energon is the main diet of Cybertronians, and occurs naturally on this Cybertron in three colors: pink, purple, and blue. In nature, it can be found in its plasma state, flowing occasionally from fissures in the ground like lava and eventually hardening into energon crystals. The brighter it is in each color, the higher the grade, with energon reaching nearly pure white if properly refined. However, much like petrocarbons, it is an extremely volatile substance and should be handled with care.

The Original Transformers. Said to be thirteen in number, though not all Thirteen have been seen.

The Firstforged were each created as a template for future models of Cybertronians, as well as being imbued with gifts from Primus himself. They are Powers in themselves, demigods, and charged with guarding their purview and those that will follow them - to say nothing of combating Unicron.

Information on the specific members of the Firstforged can be found by clicking here, or by scrolling further down on this page.

The slightly developed, protected area of Cybertron in which the Firstforged built their temples and made their home. This is where most Refugees awaken. More information can be found on the World page here!

Any Refugee who binds themselves fully to one of the Firstforged.

Initiates receive special bonuses in exchange for their loyalty, but are in turn expected to complete certain tasks at the bequest of their Firstforged. The ties between an Initiate and their Firstforged are strong--once bound, and Initiate will not be able to re-align themselves with any other Firstforged until released. There may be other affects as well...

A communications system planned to eventually span Cybertron itself.

Designed by Alpha Trion but created by Solus Prime, the Link is a network that allows refugees to communicate with one another across great distances.

As it stands, there is a transmitter/receiver at each one of the Firstforged's temples - but get too far from them and the system is prone to static and even failure entirely. It is still new, and still very delicate; the influx of refugees made getting it up and active far more important than getting it immediately perfect.

For those who possess of a comm system already, access to the Link is only a simple upgrade that is taken care of by an Acolyte before they awaken. This syncs their comm with the Link itself, and grants them the ability to post video, vocal, or simple text posts. It also allows for some rudimentary file creation and sharing; maps, recordings, text files and the like.

For those who do not possess a comm system (ie. organics), an external means is required. This is solved via a piece of equipment - approximately four by two inches, and less than half an inch thin (about the size of a smartphone), that - while somewhat more awkward to interface with than the other version - grants as much access to the Link as those who simply require an upgrade.

A devastating event that occurred before the arrival of the current Refugees. Most of the Firstforged will not speak of it, but hints can be gathered that there were Refugees here before you who are not here now. Cybertron is littered with tracks in its dust, and small developments they'd started to build.

They are spoken of rarely, now, though the Firstforged may still refer to them as the Refugees who came before. More often they are referred to as 'The Lost.'

A small tattoo, usually found on a Refugee's upper arm (or elsewhere, if the upper arm is unavailable.) Although seeming real enough upon first glance, there are times in which it will glow or seem to shift, indicating its ethereal origins. Removing the skin or plating will not remove this tattoo. Removing the arm might work, but is not recommended.

It is the one mark that serves to indicate to the Firstforged and their allies that a Refugee was not sent there by Unicron, is not a Monster, and therefore will not become twisted in time. The Firstforged have the belief that these marks were put there by Primus himself, though this is not a fact they know for sure.

Glyphs will display both a primary alignment (the main color of the glyph) and a secondary alignment (a colored shadow behind the glyph.) Glyphs appear to shift once every two months, at which point the intensity of both these colors may increase/decrease OR you might find the color combinations changing entirely depending on your character's new polarity.

Any creature that comes through the Lambda which does not bear a glyph. Monsters appear in many forms--robotic and organic, and can resemble different species or metamorphic objects as well. It is one of Unicron's most insiduous plots which can arrange for those without the Mark of Primus--without a Glyph--to fall through the Lambda or be released from the Badlands. They can be anybody or anything, even your best friend...but without a Glyph, in time they will inevitably twist to something evil. Take heed, because without your own mark, you might find yourself changing as well...

The God of Light and Order, creator of the Transformers.

It is Primus' nature to create life and to then nurture it, sowing the metallic seeds of civilizations yet to come. His will is simple yet mysterious, unknown in its entirety to even his children (The Firstforged). Not long after supposedly creating the world and the Firstforged, Primus departed to places unknown to fight the Chaos God. He has left his children behind to prepare for his eventual return and to protect the world from whatever forces manage to get through.

A creature's affiliation with a given Firstforged and their purview.

All beings originating in other dimensions who fall through the Lambda (IE--you!) hold a polarity through their Glyph, linking them to one of the Original Thirteen Cybertronians. Nonsentients and objects receive no glyph.

Refugees are able to influence their polarity freely by taking actions that align with a particular Firstforged's purview. Additionally, a member of the Firstforged may take a like (or dislike) to a specific creature for their doings, and thus may inadvertantly exert some of their own power to strengthen (or weaken) that connection. In some cases, this may result in a Refugee being imbued with a new power, blessing them with supernatural abilities.

Be careful, because this can work in the opposite way as well with a Firstforged becoming so incensed at a Refugee that they effectively 'curse' them.

From an OOC perspective, consider a character's Polarity akin to their Faction points with a specific member of the Firstforged. It is like constantly wearing a sorting hat which views your day-to-day life and weighs your actions bi-monthly to see if you belong in a different Hogwarts House. Any task you perform can and will affect your glyph, and while you will always know the one you're most affiliated with, only the Mods know your specific ties.

More information on behind-the-scenes Alignments and Glyph changes can be seen in this mod post about Glyphs.


You are a Refugee, one who fell through the Lambda and was collected by one of the Firstforged's Acolyte drones. The only thing which separates a Refugee from a Monster is the small glyph on their arm, signifying which Firstforged they are aligned to.

The Dark God. The Chaosbringer. The World Devourer.

NOT a horse with one horn.

Unicron seeks nothing more or less than void; the total and utter destruction of all life, all matter, the annihilation of existence itself. Though he cannot directly influence Cybertron yet, it is still he who created the rift-tear that the Thirteen call the Lambda, and it is still he who seeks to ruin their task of preparing this new world for Primus. What he intends to do after that point is unknown...however, the starless skies from Universes in which he has succeeded lay attest to his dark and twisted designs.

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Demi-Gods. The First Cybertronians, created by Primus to watch over Cybertron while he fought his antithesis Unicron.

While there are - predictably - thirteen members of the Original Thirteen Transformers (aka the Firstforged) not all have chosen to interact with the Lambda refugees. Some choose to stay aloof because of mistrust; others feel that their own work (and Work) is more important, and dismiss the Lambda itself as inconsequential. Whatever the reason, they keep it to themselves - as do the ones who do deign to Align to them.

A reference of the active Firstforged is as follows. A short reference of all the Firstforged can also be found on the FAQ page here.


[personal profile] primianpolarity

The leader of the Thirteen, and wielder of the great Star Saber. Prima is the Warrior of Light, and is rarely questioned in his position. He recognizes that while he is the leader, one does not lead by simply ordering and expecting things to be done; he is fair and careful with his power, but does not hesitate to use it when required - much like the blade he wields. Of all the Thirteen, he is the closest in contact with Primus, and alone consults the God in regards to their progress.

He also holds himself somewhat distant from others, very much his position. It's hard for anyone to see past the proverbial mask he puts on, and the aloofness that could be described as arrogance. However, there are those who are able to see past it, to see Prima as more than just a figurehead. He doesn't exactly let himself relax, but he does understand that to properly lead, one must also understand - and emphasize with - those they lead. Rarely will he refuse to hear others, but when he makes a final decision, he expects it to be obeyed - and for any complaints to be brought up after the task is done.

Played by: Saeru

[personal profile] megatronicpolarity

The Guardian of Entropy and the Warrior of Darkness to Prima's Warrior of Light, Megatronus is often the voice of dissent among the Firstforged. He is bold and fearless, always willing to act as the counterbalance to their leader and unafraid to question the judgement of his peers if he disagrees with their reasoning. When Megatronus has an opinion, all will hear it – even if its delivery is less than appreciated. As direct as he is outspoken, he cares more that his point of view is heard and understood than whether or not it is well-received.

Nonetheless, although his words can be harsh and his company difficult to bear at times, Megatronus is valued for his forthrightness and frequently unique perspective. Fascinated by method and control, he sees as much beauty in unmaking as in creating. Above all else he respects power, whether manifested physically, mentally, or in another form entirely. It is not easy to impress him but those who do will find in him a firm but patient sponsor, one who encourages their skills and is willing to teach if they are capable of enduring his instruction.

Played by: Goa

[personal profile] maxicpolarity

Undaunted by either the blackness of the cosmos or the threat of Unicron, Liege Maximo seeks out the thrill of discovery. Though he may disappear for days into his tower to brood over a new idea, or vanish for weeks in the pursuit of a distant star, he never fails to reappear suddenly amongst the Thirteen, and will gladly test out his concepts on the ear of any who might be around. In fact, he particularly seems to enjoy citing unsettling theories, and has been rumored to enjoys discovering the manipulation of others as much as he enjoys the manipulation of matter itself.

Not an easy mech to impress, Liege can be cold and distant, disdainful of any beings that he does not believe are worthy. Although Refugees with his mark will find it easier to gain his trust and his attention, they might also find themselves the subjects of his interest, or pawns within his larger games. To those few within his 'circle,' he can be amiable, with a sharp wit and a cynical sense of humor. He prefers to tell the truth, even if it is blunt, and can give excellent advice. Always one to get his way, he'll seek the means to his ends through careful planning and strategy, often engineering plots or experiments years in advance which pan out without him having to lift a finger. It is difficult to know what Liege's true motivations are, however, even for those who are his friends. Be careful in dealing with him.

Played by: Saeru

[personal profile] trionicpolarity

Keeper of the Covenant of Primus, holder of the Quill. It is Alpha Trion who drew up the concepts for the Link, and who watches it most closely. His insight and wisdom - even among the Thirteen - is held in high regard, and his words rarely taken lightly...for the Covenant allows him glimpses of what may very well be the future, and the Quill allows him the chance - if the Covenant is willing - to affect those events.

Generally keeping to himself, Alpha Trion is nevertheless obsessed with knowledge in all forms. He takes a delight in learning about the world that Primus has given them to inhabit and also the other worlds that exist beyond, and directs his acolytes to bring him any books or objects of interest that fall through the Lambda. Those who enjoy exploring might benefit from some of the maps he started, and those looking to find their way home might be able to learn something of the Lambda from the notes stored in his library. Alpha Trion most loves his solitude for the opportunities it gives him to think, but despite this he'll rarely turn down the offer for pleasant company and good conversation. If you can get him talking about a subject he won't necessarily stop, and he can be quite passionate in to sharing his wisdom so that someone else might benefit. He frequently is able to tell his guests information about themselves or their environments that they might not yet even be aware of, which can lead to startling revelations about the past...

...or the beginnings of a new adventure, entirely.

Played by: Saeru

[personal profile] nexicpolarity

Mutable and ever-changing, Nexus Prime is the Wizard of Forms, and the first of all combiners. His good nature and sense of humor work well with his unpredictability, and his curiosity leads him to experiments that others would consider best left untouched. To him, failure is only a reason to try again with a different method, to seek a better result. It goes without saying that he finds the refugees of great interest.

In fact, of all the Firstforged, Nexus is likely the most personable. He is unrestrained in his curiosity, responding well to those willing to share their own knowledge, their own lives, their history - anything. In fact, he has much fondness for those who actually help to merge their experiences with his own, to create a greater sum.

Played by: Dirge

[personal profile] solianpolarity

Solus Prime is the builder and maker among the Thirteen, wielder of the hammer-Forge used to craft the weapons and tools of her kind. Though often formal and no-nonsense, imagination and the art of construction are her core gifts, and her creativity knows no bounds. Many of the world-shaping projects on the new planet are under her supervision or wrought by her careful plans.

Though she often locks herself away in her smithy, or loses herself out on the uncivilized plains of the young Cybertron, Solus is occasionally open for discussion with the new arrivals. She may be brisk, and will often give them a quest or task in return, but she finds the many of them worthy in their own right.

Played by: Goa

[personal profile] vectorianpolarity

The Guardian of Space and Time. Noble and proud, Vector Prime strives to serve as an example to all mechs - be it his peers or those who would follow after them - and uphold such ideals as truth, justice, and compassion. A veritable knight, he tries not to interfere with others' work too greatly, though he is almost always willing to lend assistance to those who simply ask.

Vector is a mech who lives and breathes his beliefs, his faith in them strong enough to carry a thousand others. And he holds himself to them, never promising something that he does not fully intend to deliver. While he is aware that others may not share his moral code, he does not tolerate the company of those without one at all. And while he is easy to trust and possessing of a forgiving spark, he does not forget - those who live by their words will find him a ready sword in their defense, but those who break it, even once, and do not seek amends...

While he is not the sort to outright abandon another without great cause, his support will be quietly lessened.

Played by: Goa

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