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1. Cybertron
2. The Lambda
2. The Haven
3. The Junk Pile
4. The Badlands

Below are the important locations on the Planet (and, eventually, in the Galaxy) in which this game takes place.

Since Re-Aligned is a game constantly in flux, every action taken by our players might change a part of the setting. This is the page to check on, when this occurs.

Because characters will be building and exploring the surface of Cybertron, we highly recommend you fill in the text area below with any place of significance you find or any place of significance you build, and post it to this entry. We will add these to the page, so that other characters can visit them and interact with the games ever-growing world.


The planet on which the majority of the game takes place.

Cybertron is a planet significantly larger than Earth, but with a comparable gravity and nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere that humans can easily breathe. The composition of cybertron is mostly metallic with a wealth of minerals, giving everywhere a rocky appearance that sometimes has a sheen to it. Fresh soil is rare. So are weather patterns.

The sun is distant in the sky. The light and warmth that it provides is comfortable, though even during the day the surface resembles a perpetual twilight, illuminated by the Lambda as much as by the sun itself. As Cybertron turns, slowly, through its 32-hour cycle, both moons are visible in the heavens.

To most organics, Cybertron will seem a very alien, very dead planet. There aren't plants, there aren't animals, and there aren't insects. Sometimes lava erupts from the ground. Sometimes a strange, blue lava erupts instead, glowing, eventually solidifying into solid energon crystals. Nearly all of the surface is hard, twisted, and rocky...but beautiful. Primordial. It is a world preparing itself, and earthquakes aren't uncommon outside of the haven.

In time, the Firstforged expect for their god, Primus, to cross to their dimension and take up residence within the planet's core. Although they aren't aware of all that will be needed for him, yet, they continue on as best as they can, building over the surface and keeping the effects of the Lambda at bay. Even without their work, however, there are still tell-tale signs of its destiny spread over its surface. Strange, deep fissures look down into miles of support-beams and metal walkways. Artifacts lie resting on rocky alcoves. Mis-shapen, temple-like structures out in the wilderness contain what seem like ancient, unused monitors with dusty controls.

Even the Firstforged aren't aware of what every monument signifies. They will, however, take great interest in every discovery made.

The planet is large. There is much to find.

And there is much, still, to prepare.

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Suspended in the sky, stationary despite Cybertron's rotation, is the Lambda. A rift in timespace through which out-dimensional objects are coming through, it provides an eerie glow during the long hours of the night, and supplements the sun during the day. It is ever present.

Little is known about it, beyond that it gives the Firstforged a feeling of great apprehension.

It is an intrusion into their universe, a blight placed in the sky by Unicron, the chaos-bringer. More than that, they do not know, other than that it must be there to hinder them, and that they are not capable of closing it. Those who are not tasked with preparing Cybertron have tried to study it, in hopes of sealing the rift, or in hopes of destroying or returning that which it sends through.

All refugees found on the surface were pulled in through the Lambda, but they have not been the only things to arrive. Often, it pulls through an entire chunk of world, leaving a great cloud of rocks and detritus around the entrance. Other times, it sends materials, entire spaceships, or kitchen sinks.

Sometimes, it sends monsters.

The Lambda appears as a great blue-white tear across the sky, surrounded by the debris it has expelled. The Firstforged look on it with distrust, and look on those who arrive through it without Primus's mark with outright hostility.

They will find a way to seal it, some day.

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On a barren, rocky world, the strange, incongruous technology of the Firstforged blends in like a diamond among charcoal. Nevertheless, there is something about their structures that seems to mesh with the landscape, and it is not difficult to see why these tall, metallic aliens call this planet their home.

The Haven is where the Firstforged reside. Their temples can all be found in this region of Cybertron, and the Junk Pile can be found here as well.

The Haven is also the only place on the planet where free-standing water is abundant, making it invaluable to any species that requires this substance to live. Arable soil can be made from the rocks in the Haven, and if someone were to engineer them, plants and insects might also be able to grow.

Within the Haven there is light, albeit sometimes distant, from Prima's tower, shining with enough intensity to (almost) reach the light of an Earth-day. It can be seen from any of the quadrants, though given the general distance between each Firstforged's temple (about 100 miles) it does leave some sectors a little dim. It would not be, for example, particularly good gardening light if you live with Megatronus...

...but if you live with Megatronus, you're probably not gardening, anyhow. (Battle Gardening?)

Prima's Quadrant

Located in the south of Haven, Prima's quadrant is not so much on a mountain as a mountain of its own. At its center is his temple, with his tower rising high enough to be seen from all other quadrants - indeed, meant to be seen, its ever-present light meant to be a symbol to the rest of the Firstforged - and the Refugees. And whatever else is upon Cybertron, be it friend or foe. There are times when the light will dim, power rerouted to other means, but it has never, ever gone out.

Supposedly, when it is hardly more than a candle's light, it is a sign that he is communing with Primus.

The terrain slopes down from the temple itself, a series of roads and stairs connecting what few structures have been constructed. They mimic the style of the temple; simple, but with a subtle elegance that speaks far more of status than any amount of luxury could. White, silver, and greys are the most common colors. There is more than enough room for further construction...and not just on the surface.

Within the mountain, the paths continue. It is hollow, and just as brightly lit as the world outside thanks to a column in the center that emits the same intensity of light as the tower's tip. It is rumored that it houses a lift that connects from the temple down, down, and down to the very core of Cybertron.

Notable locations:

  • THE LIFT: The great elevator of Prima, it extends from the top of his tower to (supposedly) the depths of the Core. It is gilded in gold with designs that read 'All are One' in a script that only those with Alpha Trion's translation ability can read. It seems lit from within.
  • VIEWING PLATFORM: The highest point reachable by stairs (as only those alligned with Prima can use the Lift), the Viewing Platform rests just beneath the lantern that lights all of Cybertron. You can see the entirety of the Haven from this point, and those with exceptional sight claim to even see as far as the badlands...
  • THE DEPTHS: Those aligned with Prima who can use the Lift will find that the lowest point it will take them to is a set of rooms deep inside of cybertron. There are paths from there which extend further than one could travel in a day, and they twist and turn in ways that are not safe to tread. Most of the surfaces around the paths are rocky, but occassionally there seem to be electronics and computer consoles--some fresh and new and some impossibly ancient.
  • WATERFALL BATHS: Although not as elaborate as Liege's famous Hotsprings, Prima's temple does contain a small room filled with waterfalls and pools. It is brightly lit and beautiful, with glowing crystals reflecting colored lights off of the water.
  • POLICE STATION: A small but efficient structure built to house both young organics and large robots, the Police station has gone through many Commanders but always has one mission: To keep the Haven safe from itself.

Landscape inspiration; 1 2 3

Megatronus's Quadrant

At the northern tip of the Haven, between the northeastern mountains and the smaller peaks and valleys of the west, lies Megatronus Prime's temple. Built upon a vast, solid valley floor between two of the largest summits in the area, the twin towers of the central building are in almost perpetual shadow, sheltered from the unblinking light from the south – and from potential attack. Megatronus has not built quite as tall as many of his kin have, but he has built deep.

Where artificial lighting is absent, molten metal and rock piped up from further underground provide dim illumination and warmth suitable to sustain organic life. Contrary to what one might expect from the guardian of entropy, conditions within the facility are relatively constant.

Dotting the landscape around the central towers lie a number of smaller satellite installations, bulky and low to the ground, some of them off-limits and some of them not, many of them apparently intended as armories, though most lie empty and unattended now. Particularly noteworthy is the large arena just south of the main temple. If one seeks Megatronus they're most likely to find him here, honing his skills against some unlucky Acolyte – or, on rarer occasions, an unlucky brother of his.

For all that Megatronus' tastes in exterior design are simple and clean, full of straight lines, right angles and dull metal panels, the inside of the complex may as well be a maze. A labyrinthine network of poorly-marked (and sometimes entirely unmarked) underground corridors connect every building back to the central towers and to each other. Though the main complex is static its outer edges are in constant flux, repeatedly redesigned, rebuilt and extended to suit the whims of the master of the area.

Thankfully there are usually Acolytes posted at each main intersection capable of pointing visitors in the right direction. Nonetheless, one should be careful not to wander too far: the furthest reaches are by no means safe. The deeper into the installation one proceeds, the hotter it gets, and the lowest levels are all but inaccessible to anyone but the resident Firstforged himself.

Notable locations:

  • ARENA: A large, rocky circle set almost in the foyer of Megatronus's temple, the Arena is the feature which dominates his landscape. Seating is built into the walls which ring the edges, including a chair which looks as if it might be a throne. The Arena is free use, though Megatronus's own Acolytes can sometimes be found sparring there.
  • ABANDONED POLICE STATION: A small building with two or three offices and a storage room. It looks like it was once used as a stopover on patrols, but seems to have been left alone for a few years now. The wear from weapons-fire can be seen on the exterior walls.
  • LAVA PITS: Deep in the heart of Megatronus's temple are the flames which give it energy. Those brave enough to venture to the pits will find a deadly but awe-inspiring display.

Liege's Quadrant

Tucked on a mountain range in the northern-most quadrant, Liege's fortress is located along one of the few temperature differentials on the planet. There are many evenings where a human might see the moisture from their breath, and in the darkest corners of the valleys the small pools of water have hardened into ice. It is one of the most inhospitable regions of the Haven, though Liege would argue it can be one of the most beautiful, as well. When the rays of the lambda catch on the crystals in the sharp, glass snow, it is easy to see why.

Despite the outside frost, Liege Maximo is known to keep his temples very warm, catching the light at the peaks of his mountains to normalize the temperature around any structures that are built. He finds great use for both the heat and the cold, particularly when he experiments.

The halls of his lair are all sharp angles and rigid, crystalline forms, twisting in upon themselves. If one is not careful, one can easily get turned around inside the fractals within fractals, wandering for days without seeing another soul. Liege takes delight in following those who are lost, watching their reasoning on which directions to chose until they find their way. It is, to him, a game.

His temple rests on a plateau, half-way up his tallest mountain, just high enough that it's towers catch the light from Prima's quadrant. The mountain itself is riddled with caves that delve deep, easy for building in and out of. The underground is warm, heat seeming to seep from the rocks itself, hinting that there might be lava or energon to mine somewhere deep within. Roads traverse up and down the surface of the hillside to join balcony-like tiers, flat areas that have been built up and made ready for inhabitants. It looks like the beginning of a city.

Many someones, at one point, obviously had intended it to be.

Notable locations

  • LABORATORIES: The one type of room which you are guaranteed to find in Liege's temple is the laboratory. Most are small, individual laboratories which seem specialized for a single pursuit, but there are larger ones which are guarded by Acolytes which contain actual specimens and active experiments. Liege's favorite award to the Refugees he favors is to grant them exclusive use of their own lab.
  • HOT SPRINGS: One of the most famous features (although not the most obvious) of Liege's dwelling are the Hot Springs. As his temple receives the most moisture in the form of snow but is set on the same active volcanic range as Megatronus's temple, he is in the perfect position to have both extreme heat and extreme cold. The mountain depths collect the melted water that trickles through the stones and store it in heated pools far away from the ice and snow. There are almost hundreds tucked away in various nooks and crannies.
  • BALCONIES: On the outside of Liege's temple are many balconies, some rimmed with railings and others not. It does not even seem as if all of the balconies lead to rooms, although it can almost be assured that any room given to his favored Initiates will have at least one balcony.
  • THE MAZE: Although almost all of Liege's temple is a veritable maze on its own, there is a point in which landmarks (like rooms and windows) disappear and there are only hallways. It has been said that if one can successfully navigate the Maze, they will have access to some of the spoils which Liege has collected from other worlds--or access to his personal springs and laboratories.

Landscape inspiration; 12

Alpha Trion's Quadrant

Liking the tranquility of the southwestern region, Alpha Trion's quadrant sits at the foot of many gently sloping hills. Occasional, deep fissures lie nearby, some slowly eking steam, others rupturing through the small valleys between hills dangerously, almost invisible until one is upon them.

Some of the fissures range miles deep, and it is into these that Trion's Acolytes have explored, unearthing vital information about Cybertron's core that the Firstforged logs, diligently, and conveys to Prima when its needed.

Trion's temple resembles the hills that lie nearby, domed, cresting over the landscape to offer him an unparalleled view of the Lambda for documentation and study. A lake lies at the base of his home, smooth like glass, never turbulent, warm enough for swimming (when he tolerates the noise.) In some places, the soil has obviously been farmed, forming gardens that have grown wild from the light of Prima's tower nearby. Remnants of structures still stand, abandoned, on the small summits of nearby hills.

His halls are long, straight, and comfortable, with many windows to look out on the lake and nooks for pausing to read in. It is a hermit's dream.

Notable Locations:

  • MAIN LIBRARY: Alpha Trion's main library encompases one entire building in the complex that forms his temple. As he considers himself a connoisseur of all knowledge, his shelves are filled with a myriad of sources: datapads, paper books, laptops, scrolls, and even a few mechanical birds which talk in a foreign language. Being near to Prima's temple, his library has huge windows to let in the brilliant light, and plenty of benches, couches, and chairs to relax in. It is the perfect place to study.
  • PRIVATE LIBRARY: Home to all of the dangerous information that Alpha Trion collects, the personal library is a small, dark interior room with a Skylight. There are many entrances, none of which seem to be in the same place twice. Those who are granted access even once will still find it difficult to locate ever again.
  • HALL OF STATUES: Consider it a hobby. Alpha Trion never talks about why there is a long hallway filled with mismatching statues, but the acolytes will tell you that they came from the junk pile. There are statues of humans, statues of Cybertronians, and statues of aliens which no one can identify. It is a wonderful place to climb, so long as no one catches you.
  • CAT ROOM: Those who know of the cat-room cannot unknow of the cat-room. It is filled with cats, which are by nature very difficult to count. It is also large enough for a Cybertronian to fit in easily, and is decorated with tunnels and ramps and crawlspaces which go everywhere and have a fish motif. There is also a reading chair.
  • THE GARDEN: Not far away from the lake is a patch of farmable land, which clearly was used in the past to grow organic food. There is a small shed with supplies, and tools for irrigation. There might even be a few buckets of carefully dried seeds...
  • THE GRAVEYARD: It is a somber place. The graves are fresh, and the names are familiar. This is where those who do not come back are buried--or memorialized, when no body can be found.
  • RARITIY'S SPA:Itching for a new look? Rarity's Spa caters to both organics and mechanoids, and is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

Landscape inspiration; 1

Solus's Quadrant

Solus Prime's temple and vast smithy lies directly to the west, a fair distance away from the rest of the Haven. Built along a jagged gorge that doubles as an earthquake-prone fault line stretching to the horizon, the area weather can flux wildly and unexpectedly. Ranging from 'pleasantly tropical' at the edges closest to the center of Haven, to 'roasting' the farther in you go, it can easily reach temperatures too hot for organics to tolerate, often within the span of hours. Her temple, though rarely occupied by the Prime herself, has a carefully regulated temperature, insulated from the surges for the safety of those who might reside within.

The Temple is as grand as her brother's, but from the outside appears bleak, colored ashy black and sharp like raw-forged iron from the rough landscape. But the difference between the outside and inside is vast. Within, the walls are smooth and towering, cast in many metal panels of all different sheens and colors. Subtle circuity and the geometric patterns of lit, fiber optic murals pass through the walls and wrap around the support pillars, lending an easy elegance to the otherwise sparsely decorated interior.

The source of all this heat is the gorge itself. It is lit from within, energon-rich magma and molten metals flowing along the bottom. It is the gorge that also fuels Solus' own Forge, which is built into and along the jagged edges of the crevasse. The Forge is almost always running, smelting various ores and refining precious alloys. It is only when the flames die down you know something is wrong with the Prime, or some massive event is occurring in the world.

As she wishes to allow all to visit her temple whenever they wish, despite any occasional surges, Solus has crafted an insulated, underground tunnel that leads from the temperature-steady Haven up to her temple from within. The tunnel is grand, tall enough for Cybertronians as large as Solus to traverse it easily. As the tunnel itself was originally part of her vast mines and underground corridors, the more organic-friendly walkway has many subtunnels and outlets branching off to parts unknown.

But the heat protection ends with those branches as well, and no map exists but the one in Solus' head regarding where the tunnels lead. Should you venture off the beaten path, travel carefully.

Notable locations

  • MINES:
  • MEDICAL FACILITES: Set up by the Refugees, the Medical facilities in Solus's temple have grown to include many state-of-the-art devices--created by necessity to deal with the unusual problems encountered in the Haven. Newly arrived petro-carbon-using individuals can get an overhaul to allow their engines to process energon, or simply get a new paint job. Its not hard to find someone qualified here.
  • CRYSTAL GARDENS: A beautiful forrest of multi-colored crystal trees, planted within the last few years and relatively undisturbed. It is said that if one stands still enough one can hear the crystals growing.

Nexus's Quadrant

Nexus Prime's quadrant was as much built up as it was /built/. Though he originally took it to study some of the meteors that had fallen and created craters, some of his workings have blasted even more such pits. As a result, the area is pocketed with them, and without seeing a reason not to...he has taken advantage of the shelters, and constructed his temple straight in to the walls of the largest one. It buries deep in to the metal and rock, using it as buffers to protect the inside from further meteor showers...and to protect the outside, from any more craters being created. Unplanned ones, that is.

Much of it seems little more than scorched ground - blackened and left berefit by the forces that wrought them so. But on closer examination, it is not so much dead as asleep...just waiting for life to uncover what secrets lie just underneath the surface. And what life, in turn. Strange ores and elements have been hidden, and Nexus Prime makes no secret of his desire to uncover and learn of all of them - on top of Cybertron's own secrets.

It's clear that it was, at one point, inhabited by more than Nexus Prime and his Acolytes; there are structures, excavations, all sorts of construction that suggest study of the meteors and what they have brought to Cybertron. Some are built at the bottoms of the craters, which hold the occasional reservoir of liquid energon or even frozen water; others follow the design of his temple, built in to the walls of the craters. There are even those that are built at the top, heading the paths that lead down and around the depressions.

Things can change quickly, however. What may have been safe and stable one day could easily find itself threatened the next, whether by experiment, excavation, or something else - meteor showers are common, here, and while the greater ones seem to have passed...once in a while, a larger rock will come hurtling towards the quadrant.

It remains to be seen whether Nexus is intentionally drawing them there. It is certainly rumored.

Notable locations:

  • CRATERS: Absolutely the dominant feature of the landscape, Nexus's quadrant contains craters big and small. Some would make comfortable hot tubs, while others could easily swallow several cities. Either way, they are around.
  • SPORTS CRATER: One of those 'city' sized ones, specifically carved to allow stands to witness whatever event is held below. There might even be some locker rooms for competing teams...
  • COMMUNAL WASHRACKS: Although some of the Firstforged have their own unique facilities for getting clean, there are more conveniently-sized facilities located in some of the old structures which dot the Haven. One such building exists in Nexus's quadrant, and can accomodate organics and robots alike with private shower stalls.

Landscape inspiration; 1

Vector's Quadrant

In the easternmost part of Haven, the boundary is visible - a gorge miles across, tens of miles long, and fathoms deep. A single part of it is spanned by a series of bridges, platforms, walkways and beams...and all strung together with crystal-like cables and strings. This is the quadrant of Vector Prime, and it goes for some distance in to the trench itself. To prevent those without the ability to fly from falling to an unseemly end, a forcefield has been set some distance below to slow the fall and catch any who misstep. The trip back up can be a bit of a long one - reaching one of the platforms that touch the forcefield, and climbing back up - but it's considered better than the alternative.

Most of the platforms and surfaces are just that - platforms and surfaces. Empty. Constructed, but without anything upon them. The smallest are perhaps five hundred feet long, the largest nearly a mile in itself. It is there that Vector has set his temple, a spire-like tower that reaches towards the stars. More of the crystal-cables run from it, catching what light is there as they reach towards and secure upon some of the smaller platforms.

From above, the design is revealed as purposeful - all parts of the quadrant weave together in an intricate fractal, just waiting to be built upon. Below...the field has established bypasses in it, ways to traverse the gorge itself. And from there it can be explored - its walls are lined with strange metals and crystals, with a single, small waterfall that goes down seemingly without end.

Notable locations

  • SWINGING BRIDGE: As Vector is well-aware that those with two and four wheels still need to cross his canyon from time to time, there are many bridges which close the gap. The widest of these (and also the most dangerous, and also the most fun) is the swinging bridge, which is very exciting on a windy day when you're in the exact center.
  • TRAINING GROUNDS: You know. For swords and stuff.

Landscape inspiration; 1 2 3 4 5

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Centralized between the temples of the Firstforged is the Junk Pile, a conglomeration of artifacts and materials that have fallen through the Lambda tear. It is massive.

Although debris falls across the entire surface of Cybertron, the flow is greatest in the Haven, directly underneath the Lambda's reach. The Acolytes of the First-forged find and collect what is closest to the temples, keeping what seems useful and putting what they do not recognize into the pile. They have been doing this, monotonously, since the Lambda tear appeared. They will continue doing it, despite the arrival of the Refugees.

Nearly anything can be found here, if one digs deep enough, though there is no guarantee that it will be useful when it's finally unearthed.

There's no guarantee that it won't be dangerous, either. Treat anything that has come through the Lambda tear with caution--including your friends. Including yourself.

Also, just be careful in general. The Junk pile is not known for its stability.

Notable Locations:

  • THE HUB: Located closest to Prima's and Vector's quadrants, the Hub is the central hangout location in the Haven. There is usually a bartender present, and often there is music playing. As one of the first major undertakings by the Haven's new populace, the Hub has many ammenities: a stage, a dance floor, seating for the large and small, and a some wings dedicated for amenities found in the junk pile like pool tables and arcade games. There are even rooms for newcomers to sleep in if the accomodations in the temple aren't to their liking.
  • THE PANTRY: While technically one of the sub-wings on the hub, the Pantry has become a communal store-room for non-robotic foods found in the Junk Pile or grown in A3's Garden. Anything organic can be safely housed here in refrigerators and cupboards, and much of it is labeled (so that no one is poisoned by something non-compatible with their species.)
  • THE COUCH FOREST: A strange anomaly within the junk pile. Here they rest, often on their ends, but sometimes nestled on top of each other in bizarre couch-ception. Tread carefully, for anything could be lurking in the forest of couches.
  • THE CONCRETE COASTER: Not so different from what it sounds like. It's a roller-coaster made of concrete, scaled for earth-sized cars. There is even a full 360 degree loop with a launch ramp, for those adventurous enough.

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      On the farthest side of Cybertron lies the Badlands, a place of darkness, murk, and shadows.

      The Firstforged do not speak of it, other than to warn newcomers of its dangers. Sensors cannot penetrate the mists and clouds that surround it. Ships cannot fly over it. A sense of forboding and wrongness assails anyone who dares approach.

      Be wary, for the darkness sometimes shifts, stretching to overtake whatever it desires. Sometimes the darkness calls to those who are nearby. Sometimes the darkness sends out monsters, to drag you back into its waiting embrace.

      Do not venture near the Badlands.

      You will not come back alive.

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I AM FIRST, WHEEE /please be gentle ;A;

[personal profile] invisiblepinkboat 2012-09-05 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
NAME; Name doesn't really matter, but to give it something... The Crystal Garden or Forest, whichever.
LOCATION: Westernmost edges of Solus' Quadrant, so out towards the Wilderness, in a depression... which will probably be hidden in the center of the larger "forest" if it grows big enough.
DESCRIPTION: In the end it should resemble a "forest" made of crystals that could be likened to trees. Most usually they'll change colour depending on how any little light fall on them, sometimes they'll have a full rainbow spectrum displayed... At some points, on some undetermined schedule or cause, however, the whole forest of crystals will turn bluish-tinged white, with each "tree" transulcent towards the edges.
CREDITS: Elita found a crystal in the lower parts of Solus' temple and ended up "planting" it as per this log.

Note: I'd assume it'll take at the least one month, perhaps two or three, before the forest's actually grown into a "forest" or at least a good-sized copse of crystals, so while it can certainly be found before that, it won't be very large until later.
invisiblepinkboat: (Invisible pink boat - recon)

[personal profile] invisiblepinkboat 2012-09-27 08:16 pm (UTC)(link)
NAME; Communal washracks
LOCATION: One in a building at the bottom of a crater in Nexus Prime's Quadrant, one in a set of buildings on a balcony/terrace halfway down/up the mountain Liege Maximo has his temple on/in and the last ones in a set of rooms at the end of a side corridor connected to the large underground tunnel that leads to Solus Prime's temple.
DESCRIPTION: They're all mostly communal style, which means large open rooms, with a varying number of rooms to each. Of note, however, is that all three different locations have their washracks working slightly differently (essentially, built by different cybertronians who were from different realities), so some might feel more familiar at one location than another.
For particulars however; the washrack building in Nexus Prime's Quadrant is the most finished (the other two are either missing or spotty with (working) light fixtures, the set of washrack buildings at Liege Maximo's temple contain a greater variety of function on the washracks; most cyrbertronians might find something there that they're the most familiar with. Lastly, the washracks underground in Solus Prime's Quadrant additionally contains a few "luxuries"; a handful of energon pools infused with various minerals large enough to contain at least a few mechs (or a single FirstForged, though Nexus Prime might have issue walking in there) and a steam room.
CREDITS: Elita went exploring around the Quadrants' non-Firstforged buildings.

Chibi is a spammer

(Anonymous) 2012-10-04 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
Interesting set up, one thing though. Cybertron does have its flora and fauna. There are cybernetic insects, fish, reptiles, mammals, birds, etc. Creatures such as the Turbofox, various species of robocat, glitch mice, robotopossum, oxide sharks, scraplets, scrapmetals, etc, are all a part of Cybetron's biosphere.
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[personal profile] mccrane 2012-10-04 10:12 pm (UTC)(link)
NAME; Police Headquarters (AKA the Decker Room)
LOCATION: Prima's Quadrant
DESCRIPTION: Sized to accommodate both robotic and organic individuals, the Decker Room has two halves: a front half, with small offices and human-scaled items and a back half, with a huge, communal office, garage, and maintenance bay. Easily accessible to both halves are the jail, with small and large 'traditional' barred cells, and the firing range, with targets ranging from tiny to enormous (guns not included).
It's built to handle just about any emergency, and includes a large screen in the common room to field calls from any of the police-member's communicators.


CREDITS: McCrane (with significant help from the other Brave Police and Blurr)
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[personal profile] raceme 2012-12-30 08:25 pm (UTC)(link)
NAME; The graveyard ?
LOCATION:Alpha Trion's temple, not close to the lake but it can be seen from there if people looks to the west.
DESCRIPTION: As the tittle says it's a place to bury the deceased. Unless the person burying a friend wants to set something special for them the tombstones are rather simple. Like this, but with the name of the one who died instead of the symbol:
CREDITS: Technically Blurr did it but it was Ultra Magnus idea and well, people dying provided the corpses >.>
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[personal profile] winged_knight 2013-02-04 07:54 pm (UTC)(link)
/slams this down. Organize it however you see fit, Sae.

NAME; Haven's Hub, (aka the rec center) including the bar, Atrium, Habitation Wing and other sections still under construction.
LOCATION: In the Southeast near the edge of the Junk Pile, roughly equidistant between Prima and Vector's quadrants.
CREDITS: Wing, Soundwave and McCrane primarily, with help from various others for materials collection and manual labor.

*Set as centrally as possible within the Haven, Haven's Hub is a large complex of various structures built around and connected by a central atrium. Originally conceptualized as a recreational center, its purpose has broadened to fulfill several community needs. It is neutral territory, not aligned to any Firstforged or faction, where all species are welcome and encouraged to co-mingle. The temples are not exactly constructed to be friendly to human scale inhabitants which makes everyday living a bit challenging. The Hub is also an attempt to address this issue and provide lodging and other facilities better suited to smaller species.

The Atrium: (complete)

Round like a cog, this section mirrors the Hub's name being the central structure that connects the various different wings of the Hub complex. This section is light and airy, with tall vaulted ceilings similar to the temples, comprised of a massive dome of skylights. Banks of rotating mirrors beneath it direct Prima's light in a way that is similar to the rising and setting of the sun. Scattered about the Atrium are various lounge areas suitable for people of multiple sizes on different levels: some raised, some inset into the ground. There is also be the potential for planter boxes with trees, vines or other plants, flowering or fruit/nut producing to serve a dual purpose perhaps? Maybe someone will tend a garden here that is both attractive and useful!

The Bar: (complete but formal name to be determined still)

The bar’s double doors open into a lofty room, easily comfortable for Cybertronians of any size, an arched bank of skylights letting in light from Prima’s temple. Directly ahead sits a “U” shaped bar that can vary in height, from sections that fold down to be more accessible for humans and minibots to taller sections in the back from larger frames.

To the right sits a small stage and DJ area plus a small dance floor, with a few tables with stools scattered around the edges. When the dance floor is not in use pleasant music makes for nice backdrop for conversation. The left wall is lined with more secluded mech-sized booths that flank the bar's secondary entrance from the Atrium. The corners house larger curved booths with round tables. Directly left of the U-shaped bar is a human sized spiral staircase that leads to the second floor mezzanine.

Yet this is no normal mezzanine. Affectionately dubbed “The Loft” it sits at about the 15 foot mark, making it easily between chest and eye level on most mechs. The Loft wraps around more than half the outer edge of the room, creating a haven for humans and other smaller statured inhabitants away from the stomping, shuffling feet of drunken robots. An odd mix of appropriately sized tables and chairs are scattered about with a few secluded booths in the corners.

There’s a door at the very rear of the main room, closed, but with a sign that reads “Workers Only.” This is pretty obviously the bar’s back room for service and storage, there's is a back door from this room that exits to the outside.

The place is decorated fairly eclectically, a far cry from stark metal construction of what most might consider contemporary Cybertronian design. But much of it is an exemplary exercise in how to make junk into art, and cheery, energetic art at that. Among the decorations include a placard near the door with all the names of those who help build the place by way of thanks, and a second, smaller placard is hung over the back of bar that reads “The Score Zone.” The decor might not be to everyone’s tastes, but it is reflective of the bar’s strange mish-mash of clientele, which is mostly the point.

Human scale eatery and communal kitchen (construction in progress, name to be determined)

Humans and other organic species need a place to both prepare and consume food. This is not so much a full service restaurant--though it could be with enough staff/clientele, but rather a self service kitchen and cafeteria. Anyone is welcome to use the kitchen facilities if they bring their own food but they must clean up after themselves, including the disposing of refuse.

Food Storehouse aka "The Pantry" (construction in progress)

Intended to be a secure building separate but connected the eatery, The Pantry will be a storehouse for any food or other fuel/sustenance for the residents of Haven who cannot subsist on energon. Anyone who finds food they do not wish to keep for themselves may donate to the storehouse, or trade for other food in the stores. Someone, preferably a trustworthy organic, will need to manage the inventory, develop a rationing system and make sure theft is deterred.

The Habitation Wing: (complete)

This section is located on the far side of the Hub, away from the bar and other active areas. It's designed as both temporary and permanent lodging, for mechs and organics alike (with more room for the latter, since there's less in temples).

Down a corridor from the Atrium you enter then Hab Wing's common room. It's a relaxed living room with places to lounge and tables to eat or play games at. There's even a vid screen that's been salvaged from the Junk Pile and repaired as best possible plus some equipment that could play digital video media.

Off the common room are several sections.

For human scale individuals there are two large rooms with bunks in a hostel type arrangement, and a third section of private dormitory type rooms. These rooms are unfurnished, have one window to the outside and a simple lock on the door.

For Cybertronian scale individuals there is one large hostel type room with multiple berths. This room is flanked by a section of private garages and carports for mechs who prefer to recharge in alt mode, or want a simple private space away from the temples.

Other Potential Wings/Sections:

-Human scale bathing facilities
-Store or Bazaar with multiple smaller stalls or storefronts
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[personal profile] winged_knight 2013-07-26 08:56 pm (UTC)(link)
NAME; Games Caldera (shooting range, stadium and possible future Lightning Tag arena?)
LOCATION: Nexus quadrant Be as specific as you can so we know where to put it in the list.
DESCRIPTION: A large crater with a flat bottom. There's a large smoothed road several vehicles wide that approaches from the north (and the Hub) which winds down the crater walls with several switchbacks. Along the south-east crater wall lies a shooting range setup with safety precautions taken into account.

The rock walls of the entire north-western section of the crater have been carefully sculpted into basic stadium seating, giving a clear view of the sky mostly unmarred by the Lambda. There is a small platform stage for presenting at the foot of stadium stands, dead center, and far above it on the lip of the crater a special place of honor has been crafted. A seat larger than the rest reserved for Nexus Prime himself, as promised, bracketed by tall pennant flags of tattered blue cloth. (this section could be expanded to create a larger arena for games, lightning tag, etc.)

More info is here.
CREDITS: Wing, with help from various people.
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NAME; Rarity's Sheen and Shine Spa
LOCATION: Located just beside Alpha Trion's lake!
Rarity's spa is made to accommodate both organics and synthetic races alike. For organics, there's your average spa with a hot tub and other necessary things needed to relax and get beautiful. Facial wraps, mud baths, you name it, she has it (she's a resourceful pony).

For Cybertronians, Rarity has set up an oil bath in the larger part of the building, along with all the decals, waxes, paints, and polish you could want (there's a reason this project took months to do).
CREDITS: This is Rarity's operation, though she's had plenty of help from the construction crew and a few others who have decided to lend a hoof.