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To apply, fill out the form below and post it as a comment to this page. Feel free to check out the Application FAQ if you have any questions! Please also note that some applications may take longer to process than others; while we strive to go in the order they were received, certain canons may require additional research on the mod's behalf and thus may be delayed. If this is the case, we will leave a note saying so!

Applications are closed. Thank you for participating in our final round!

Everything else should be explained in the application itself below. Please post your submission as a link to a journal post!

Player Information
*Name/Alias: (Give us something to call you)
*Your Journal: (Do you have a personal journal account on DW? If not, put 'N/A' instead)
*Age: (If you don't want to give a specific age, please note whether or not you're over 16.)
*Contact Information: (Please give us a way to contact you! Please not that unless you request otherwise, this is the information that will be made public on the 'taken' page.)
*Characters already in the game: (For those players who already have characters in the game. First time players please put 'N/A.')

Character Information
*Character Name: (Give us the character's whole name, not only one part of. <- Ex: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Samuel James Witwicky.)
*Character Canon: (Name the specific canon/continuity that your character is from. Ex: Star Trek: The 2009 movie, & Star Trek: The Next Generation)
*Age: (If you don't know the specific age, give us a general idea; ex - 'child' or 'extremely old')
*Race: (Are you playing a Cybertronian? A human? Something else entirely?)
*Timeline/Pull Point: (Please give as much context as possible, such as including a short summary in addition to the episode number.)

*History: (We will accept links to a wiki for Canon characters. However, in lieu of a link (for characters with short wikis or without much canon information) we would like to see a summary of the character's past in your own words. Try to include as little headcanon as possible. In the case of AUs/OCCs, we'll need more than just a wiki link!)
*Personality: (Please be clear, concise, and complete. We're looking for at least two or three paragraphs.)
*Powers/Abilities: (What special abilities does your character have? Assume we know nothing about them or their species (unless they're a standard human). Please include any skills or qualities of note, ex, 'experienced sniper', 'genius level intelligence', etc.
Overpowered characters will result in revisions. If your character is more powerful than one of the 13, you're doing it wrong. The Lambda is capable of dampening a character's abilities, so feel free to make use of this if you need to.)
*Inventory: (What your character is coming in with. If these items do special things, be detailed in describing them! And please note the notes describing limits.)
*Starting Polarity: (If you have a preference for which Firstforged you will be aligned with, please note it here! Further information about Polarity can be found here. A list of the active 13 can be found here. Mods have final say, but will take your suggestion into account.)

If AU, how does your character differ from canon?: (Non AU apps may ignore this question. CRAUs and OAUs should get in to specifics here regarding what changes there are from their character's original canon. We'll need at least a paragraph explaining details.)

Writing Samples
(These should be stand-alone samples. You may re-use samples from other applications you have written, but will not be accepting links to previous threads/museboxes/dear mun: the sample should be visible within your app.)
*First Person Sample: (A first person sample should show us how your character communicates over the Link - via text, audio, or video. Optional Prompt: Your best friend/ally/accomplice/favorite minion has gone missing, and you suspect they're on the planet somewhere. Make a broadcast that indicates your need for their return, and describes this individual to help others identify them.)
*Third Person Sample: (This should be a few paragraphs of prose-style action. It should focus on your character, and should offer some insight in to their thought patterns, the way they interact with the world, and overall should give us an idea of both them and your own writing style. We like to see creativity used here in preference to rehashing of a canon scene. Optional Prompt: You wake up in the middle of a vast, unfamiliar, rocky terrain, underneath a strange sky. Who do you call for? What do you do?)

Final Notes: (Need to cover anything that hasn't already been covered? Use this spot. Or just ignore it if you've already gotten everything down.)


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If I am the first, at least I am setting the bar low.

Hope it's okay I posted it as a link? I couldn't see that covered in the FAQ. :(

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App here at character journal:


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It's important to remember everything
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Player Information
   Name/Alias: Corny
   Your Journal: [personal profile] cornbob (I don't really use it though, so it'd be easier to contact me via email/plurk/AIM)
   Age: Old. SO OLD. 23.
   Email/Plurk/AIM/etc: ∎ [ profile] twasbrillig ∎ queenbrillig
   Characters already in the game: n/a


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